Again good result in Frederikshavn, the nestsister too the sektionswinner last week 0715 is this saturday number two in sektion and number one in Frederikshavn (3 clubs) and offcourse also clubwinner and at this moment the best youngster in the sektion :-) This hen is out of the half too Zitter Inky from Jos de Ridder and a V.d.Berg/Kremers cock. The sister 715 sektionswinner last week 2/2 with 3-1 in club and 39-1 in sektion. The sister 716 4/4 with 4-3-3-1 in club and 58-38-3-2 in sektion and at this moment number one youngbird in sektion. 715 were not in race this saturday and we were lycky for that becaurse this weekend, have been wery bad a lott pigions is not coming home and we have 2 out of 20 youngsters home sunday evening. some dont have youngsters home yet. But the sisters flying in top with 1600 1400 1250 and this saturday 916 mpm with headwind and wery hot , super pigeons. These two super female pigeon is a full sister to our new hope Marianna to participate in this year's MVL-cup 2012. Marianna is named after a very sweet, kind and young Slovakian woman who my father met at the World Floorball Championships in Slovakia. Marianna studying languages ​​at university in Nitra. Marianna served as our guide during the tournament for the Danish national team.

Youngbird racing 2011

Unge flyvning/Youngbird racing 2011.

Hasselager 09.07.2011 150km 17 youngsters in race. 4-5-10-12-13-14-19-20-28-29-41-42-45-46-58-59-62 against 85 in club.
In sektion North east Denmark. 58-63-69-71-72-76 against 397 youngsters.
First youngster 086-11-0716 50% Jos de Ridder and 50% V.d.Berg/kremers.

Hasselager 16.07.2011 150km 39 youngsters in race. 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-20-22-23-24-28-43-52-53-57-58-59-60-62-77-93-95-99 against 233 youngsters in club.
In sektion North east Denmark. 37-38-39-41-46-47-48-49-51-52-53-54-55-57-58-59-60-62-69-71-72-77-133-146-147 against 761 youngster.
First youngster 086-11-0701 50% Cor Leijtens and 50% Jos de Ridder.

Hasselager 23.07.2011 150km 31 youngsters in race. 1-3-4-5-6-7-8-22-23-25-36-38-39-40-42-53-71 against 147 youngsters in club.
In sektion North east Denmark. 1-3-4-5-6-7-9-74-77-87 against 475 youngsters.
First youngsters 086-11-0715 50% Jos de Ridder and 50% V.d.Berg/Kremers, 0715 nestsister to 0716, our winner from Hasselager 09.07.2011

Åbenrå 30.07.2011 274km 20 youngsters in race. 1-8 in club against 69 youngsters.
In sektion North east Denmark. 2 in sektion against 468 youngsters.
The first youngster 086-11 0716 50% Jos de Ridder and 50% V.d.Berg/Kremers and 0716 is nestsister to 715 our sektionwinner from Hasselager 23.07.2011

Haderslev 06.08.2011 251km 2 youngsters in race. 1-3 in club against 22 youngsters.
In Frederikshavn (3 clubs) 1 price.
In sektion North east Denmark.  1. price against 76 youngsters.
The first young 086-11-0717 is out of the breeding coupple from Peter Pedersen.

Henstedt 06.08.2011 401km 2 youngsters in race.  1 in club against 13 youngsters.
In Frederikshavn (3 clubs) 1 price.
In sektion North east Denmark. 4. price against 44 youngsters.
The first young 086-11-0756 is out of 086-07-0555 sektionswinner from Soltau 2009 493km and the mother is 086-10-0524 sektionswinner from Altona 2010 423km.

At this moment we had been in club at 6 flights with youngsters 4-2-1-1-1-1.

Junior and beginner champ in North east Denmark 2011 and youngbird champ in club and in Frederikshavn ( 3 clubs ) and the best youngbird 11-0716. Number 3 too the youngbird championship in north east Denmark and 11-0716 is the best youngbird in sektion North east Denmark.
2 times winner in North east Denmark from Hasselager 153km and from Haderslev 251km with youngbirds.